ISO: USB-C and USB-A Charger for multiple devices

Any recommendations for USB-C chargers? I’m looking to charge multiple devices including a new MBP 14" and up to 3 other devices (iphone, ipad, apple watch, airpods, etc). Ideally it would have a combo of USB-C and USB-A. Would also prefer something travel worthy. Most recent posts that are from 2019.

EDIT: I’m most familiar with Anker. Are there any other brands you would recommend?

I bought some of these chargers. Haven’t tried it with a laptop as none of ours are USB-C but it works fine for two iPads plus various low draw items like headphones and iPhones. Had to return a similar 4 port one that was super compact but wouldn’t charge the iPad via USB-C, only through the USB-A.

Looks like that one won’t work for me “Model Number : Z9A Not compatible MacBook and other Laptop” I’ll take a look to see if that brand has other options.