ISO: workflow to share to safari reader mode

Hey y’all. I’m on LinkedIn a lot and want a workflow where I can share a specific url post, then opens up in Safari and switches to reader mode, and finally emails to a specific email address. Any thoughts? Theoretically, this could come from any other apps but linkedin was the best example to give.

If it’s always the same master domain (ie. “”, “” etc) you could always go to the domain, long press the Reader mode option in the URL bar and have it “always load in Reader mode”.

Then it would just be a matter of Shortcut’ing the actions open URL in Safari, Get variable: URL, Send Email

Thanks. I didn’t know the reader tip. I don’t know which domains it will be.

Alternatively you could choose the Show webpage action - that can be set to Reader mode in Shortcuts - but that would require you to press Open in Safari in the resulting preview window & then switch back to the originating app, though

I’ll check it out. Thanks