Issue with Launchbar and Dropbox Business Smart Sync

I have a fairly convoluted issue.

My company uses Dropbox Business. We have about 350,000 files in our data set and use smart sync to keep from having all of that sitting on every user’s local machine.

Around the time Dropbox released their updated app with the new interface I started having issues where things would just get caught in a sync loop. I found that if I unchecked several large folders of data in selective sync and cut the number of files being synced to the machine in half that it would eventually finish syncing, but at that point the smart sync was completely broken. I would mark files or folders as online only, but after about 2 or 3 minutes it would disregard that and start syncing a lot of the files to local.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I got a new computer. I set it up and spent a solid week trying to get Dropbox to sync and it would never fully finish. After doing some research online I found that smart sync can have issues with apps that do file indexing (AV, backup, etc) and that’s when Launchbar came to mind. I killed the app, restarted the sync for Dropbox and about an hour later everything was synced fine and Dropbox Smart Sync was working as expected. I launched Launchbar again and the whole sync issue started over again.

I have a support ticket in with Dropbox on this, but I’m not all that hopeful that they are going to do much digging to try and figure out the why on what is going on here. This is a thing that wasn’t an issue until a month or two ago, but now that it is I don’t know how much work they are going to be willing to do to fix it.

Wanted to see if anyone here has either experienced this issue as well or has any ideas on a workaround I can do to make Launchbar use-able for me again. Not having LB is really hurting my productivity.

I would not expect Dropbox to have a solution, but the LaunchBar folks might.

I would encourage you to reach out to them. They have been very helpful in the past when I needed to contact them, and they are very likely to have encountered this situation before:

In the meantime, you could exclude ~/Dropbox/ from LaunchBar’s index, I suppose. (I’ve switched to Alfred, so I’m not 100% sure.)

Good idea…I’ve reached out to them as well.

I did try to remove Dropbox from the index, but that did not do the trick for whatever reason.