Issue with Omnifocus - new tasks with tag default to February 1

I am having this issue where every new task in OF with a tag defaults to February 1. I restarted the app and the iPad itself. I emailed OF support. any suggestions about to fix this?
Thank you

I don’t know if you are aware, but there is also a Discourse forum for OmniFocus; may be worth a posting over there as well. The forum is at

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I would also email their support team, they’ll get an answer to you very quickly.

The OP stated that he had already emailed OF support, this was just an extra suggestion :+1:

Had read the post too quickly :slight_smile:

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Can you explain in more detail?

I just added a new task on my iPad with a tag using plus in the inbox, wrote the task, selected info, added a tag and a project and then saved. It went directly to the proper project and there nothing about it that says 1 Feb. In fact, no dates at all. So I can’t duplicate the problem. I’m on an older iPad, under iOS 12.4.4 & Omnifocus 3.3.7