Issue with Text Expander

I have a problem with Text Expander I can’t figure out. I use it on a few different Macs, but only have the problem on my home Mac (Mac Studio running Monterey). When I try to use a date snippet in a save dialogue box it makes the little sound, and nothing happens, as if it is being blocked. I know that in a password field that will happen, but I am at a loss for why it happens in a save as dialogue box. On my 14 inch M1 MacBook Pro, it works just fine. Thoughts on how to fix this?

I am having a similar issue, and it’s with any snippet, not just date calculations. Their tech support said that they are hearing some issues with Apple Silicon macs. Reinstalling the app didn’t help.

Have you tried Typinator? I’ve seen suggestions to use Keyboard Maestro or Alfred but they aren’t as simple as TE should be.