Issues downloading apps/updates on the Mac App Store on Mojave

I’ve been facing issues downloading apps and updates on the Mac App Store on Mojave for a while now. I invariable “We could not complete your purchase. cancelled” message (see screenshot) that is randomly possible to get through after a few retries. I looked around online and it seems like it was a bug that affected a number of users on Mojave but that it has been fixed on the server side by Apple. However, I continue to be afflicted by it! :man_shrugging:t2:

I also noticed that the App Store randomly doesn’t show me updates for apps. I got to know that a few apps needed updates after going to their store page.

So far I have tried all. the. tips. on these pages (except for the drastic nuke+pave/upgrade to Catalina ones,) tried unleashing CleanMyMac, and looked into clashes between App Store and iTunes (both have the same account and I reauthorised the computer) but to no avail. Anyone else here running into this issue/know what to do?

I’ve got that a lot with Xcode but never with a normal sized app…

Anyone? Haelp! :nauseated_face:

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