Issues with iOS 15.6.1?

Anyone having issues with iOS 15.6.1? A friend updated to 15.6.1 on multiple devices and is seeing excessive battery usage and data usage across all their devices… Both the iPhone and iPad went from fully charged to ~10% charge remaining in 3-4 hours sitting idle. They got an email from Verizon stating they used 50% of the data plan and then two hours later received another email stating they used 80% of their data. During that time they weren’t using their phones or iPads.

Don’t like to hear this! I just finished a backup of my Mac and was going to upgrade it and then my iPhone. Now I will hold off on the iPhone…

Have them check their cellular data (probably will need to reset it and then watch it for a day), to find out what is using it. Just might be an app freaking out. Also check the battery usage tab in settings.

I updated all my devices on day one, and have not seen this issue.

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Same with me–I updated early on Aug 21 (Sunday morning) and used my phone the usual amount yesterday and this morning. . .nothing unusual with my battery draining or excessive data use.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have them give it a try.

I agree with @Leeabe51 . Go to Setting | Cellular. Apps are listed by data usage. Should be the top one.

Everything is fine with all our devices, after the Update.
It is not an unsusal behavior, that after an update, the Device could become warmer than usual, as there are often running a couple of operations of the OS in the background after an Update.
And the data plan seems to be something different, as normally after the update, there is no need for downloading additional data.
But, maybe the Provider Mail was a “little bit” delayed, and the data were actually used, to download the Update?

No issues here. 20 characters

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I’d recommend against that.

Also, the high battery usage and data usage is likely being caused by background processes such as indexing that ramp up when the device is updated.

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