iStat Menu/activity monitor - what does this mean?

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My 2011 iMac started slowing down to an unusable crawl. iStat menu shows the above for Memory.

It’s seemingly a 1Password issue. But what exactly does the 42.48GB mean under ‘Processes’?

Thanks all!

I believe it means that 1Password is using a whoppingly huge amount of RAM, which is almost certainly why the computer is running slowly. Maybe a silly question, but when was the last time you shutdown your computer (not put it to sleep, but actually shut it down)?

Restarted about a week ago.

I’d restart again and monitor 1Password’s memory usage with time.

This happened to me once last year.
I just quit the 1p processes, restarted 1P and stop-started the syncing process again.

If that does not fix it: just email 1P support, they usually reply within a day.

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I’ve restarted and it sorted things. What does the 43GB value mean though? Is that virtual memory use from hard drive?

That’s its total memory usage, including memory paged out to disk (what people usually mean when they say virtual memory).