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First time posting to this category, as I thought this post belonged here.

I recently started a job as a paraprofessional/IT Admin for a small, local elementary school. We use a windows server and have mostly chromebooks for students while the staff uses windows units. My question is are there any groups on this platform, Facebook or mewe that helps with IT questions or problems that a person could face?


Google has Chromebook/ChromeOShelp forums and they have teacher support and GSuite support from one of their main Chomebook pages. There’s also some Google/Chrome discussions from experienced admins on Reddit’s r/k12sysadmin forum

Thanks! I’m needing the most help on the Windows side of things

Wish I could help more. I’ve helped some friends and neighbors set and manage up ChromeBooks (both kids for school and elderly people who couldn’t properly manipulate iPad touchscreens) but I don’t have deep knowledge of admin or Windows.

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Thank you anyways, I didn’t think of reddit and joined some groups there. This job is a whole new experience for me. I have basic troubleshooting and can solve most home network issues so I approach it from that aspect.

I used to manage windows networks, as well as several other platforms, but I’ve not kept up since I retired. One group that helped me when I was getting started with Windows Hyper-V servers some years ago was:

They offer free tools and had a very active community. IMO, it should be a good place to start.


Thank you very much!

Depending if you will be an Exchange/Office 365 Admin:

I use all of these for my day job as a mainly Windows/Exchange SysAdmin at a University.

I need to find the exact quote on /r/sysadmin, but remember:

A SysAdmin is comprised of 10% self-knowledge, 90% Ability to Google Effectively