It Never Fails... (general “grouse” not a real complaint)

When I take my iPad only, I really wish I had my keyboard(!); when I take my keyboard, I end up consuming more content than creating!!

Just a general “grouse” (translation, minor complaint, doesn’t need a fix)…

I have the Logitech K811 and love it (and don’t like the KBs built into the Apple or 3rd-party cases).

I try to keep the KB in my car; so I can get it when I want it!

Made a point of bringing it in today to a pub, where I had a late lunch and hoped to write the next “great American novel.” No dice! Sigh.



I’ve definitely noticed that the keyboard has the unfortunate side effect of making it way too easy to cmd+tab to safari and start typing URLs. :stuck_out_tongue:


A pub? Really? I wish there were a pub a la all the British tv I consume. I might write a novel too!

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I can’t find the picture I thought I took with Paulo Bacigalupi and Craig Childs with dueling macs sitting across from each other at the same table writing at the Pub in town. If I recall Paulo was working on either Shipbreaker or Drowned Cities and Craig was working on Apocalyptic Planet. Pubs are GREAT for writing.

This was me a few NaNoWriMo’s ago.
Talking to Angus Stocking (another local writer) (and yes I had been watching Castle)

Working on my project for that year, a NaNo Rebel I was working on the LambTracker User Manual

And this was me getting my masters degree

Missing is my iPad where I was taking notes.

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