It’s just Software

We should never ever complain about the quality of Apple software. I’m currently battling with Microsoft Excel which beachballs on multiple Macs just moving between adjacent cells.

I don’t understand how this kind of rubbish isn’t a solved problem. It’s just software.

Are you by any chance running Keyboard Maestro?

This usually happens on the first Copy.
There was a thread about it here a while back.

You forgot about the first several weeks of iOS 13 so quickly!

And of course this

I faced this issue. It’s due to you having software which also monitors the clipboard such as Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, Copied etc. - just put Excel into each of these programs ignore list and you are good. Somehow they are contesting to get Wxcel stuff to write into memory.

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Office (all apps, not just Excel) ran terribly until I put an SSD in my Mac. I don’t know if that helps you, but that upgrade certainly fixed a lot of the slowness I had with office.