It's a new year for my Photos app

Got my 14" MBP on 10/29, and on this first day of the new year it finally finished scanning People. Two full months for a library of 25k photos/videos.

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That’s horrific. Congrats for enduring that madness!

I was a heavy Lightroom user for my photo library until about 2 years ago. Since then I’ve just gotten sloppy and not really managed them beyond our family photos website (Smugmug). This year I want to have a proper library again but everything I read and hear tells me Apple Photos is probably not my answer!

My beef with this is that the data is not stored anywhere in iCloud so, once I get a new iPhone, I have to wait ages for the phone to start scanning faces all over again!


I really like Photos app. It could be (was) better, but this thing with downloading and scanning being “automatic” and mysterious is a real pain.