It's just a (US) outlet/power strip

Since we are Mac Power Users *cough*.
I’ve found this outlet strip to be incredibly useful.
Since it has plenty of outlets plus USB charging ports, they have eliminated a lot of USB charger blocks, and those short AC pigtails you use when the chargers/power supplies won’t fit.


Nice pun :smiley:

Good looking power strip. Would be a good solution for my data cabinet. Thanks for the heads up.

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Unfortunately as the USB A port becomes a widely accepted standard for charging, everything is moving to USB C. :weary:


While I like the option of fast charging that USB-C PD brings to the table, I miss not being able to have a single charger that can handle say 5 devices like I have with my USB-A chargers. It’s nice to have a charge station that can handle multiple phones, watches, tablets at once. Over night charging doesn’t need to be fast.

I’m set for now, though, as long as Lightning is on the device side. My only outlier is the iPad Pro.

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I got around that by buying a couple of these Anker 3 in 1 cables. Always have the charger I need when I need it, as I tend to carry an Android and iPhone.