It's the small things (iOS 14)

I nominate myself to be The King of Small & Wonderful iOS Improvements.


I look at the Apple and other iOS promos and reviews and they usually tout the main features & improvements (often not areas that I need/use on a daily basis). … I’m usually impressed by the small, unnoticed tweaks!

I have a shout out/Huzzah(!) to two tiny updates over the years.

From iOS 14, my largest Huzzah(!) is that incoming phone phone calls appear as a small banner on top of your current content, instead of taking over the entire screen. That change was so needed!

It doubled the value of my phone to me!

That’s all the update had to do for me!

It is so helpful to be able to keep reading what I was reading, etc. without any other interaction with the phone.

Not sure how to best describe my other shout out. … Do you remember how the search bar used to work?

Old days: I might drag down and type “app” and choose The App Store. … In the old days, when I wanted to search for and start another app, I would drag down and my previous search would be there, followed by the blinking cursor. To make a new search, I had to hit the “x” or backspace.

NOW, that second drag down shows my previous search BUT that search text (“app”) is highlighted! All I need do now is start typing the first few letters of my next app and it overwrites the text!

I don’t know when that second change appeared. It was such a small nudge I doubt anyone wrote about it.

I have a question about a subtraction from iOS 14; but will make that a different post.


And so it shall be! :crown:

I hadn’t noticed the difference in search, but I like it.

Something I’m liking is that I am not working as hard to find the app I need. I hid all but the first two pages, and added a Siri suggestion widget to page one. Feels like I’m doing a lot less hunting so far.


I agree with you re: the incoming call notification. I feel like it was an update that was at the bottom of every iOS14 features list, but to me, it is one of the best. I am wondering if it is because it, “feels” overdue. The fact that someone can’t interrupt what I’m doing on my phone by calling me is what I’ve been waiting for!

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