It's time to make Federighi the new CEO

Cook keep the momentum going and that’s good on him but for Apple to move forward they need a CEO with an Engineering background. Tim …it’s time to pass the reigns to Craig Federighi

Craig’s amazing but I don’t see how he’s a product, logistics or operations/staffing expert. Jeff Williams is supposedly going to be the next CEO and is more of a product person than Cook (citation needed?)

Also Cook and Williams have engineering backgrounds :slight_smile:


Eh, I think that is nowhere near happening… particularly because supply chains are going to be total chaos for the next year plus.


+1 for what Cornchip said. Cook definitely has an engineering background. Why would Apple replace Cook. CEO’s generally have one job; delivering shareholder value. He’s done a good job of that.

This is slightly tangential to your post, but did you know that Cook was involved in the original IBM Thinkpad line–the best PC laptops ever, in my opinion–and it seems like he was involved in product design. The butterfly keyboard, for example may have been his idea. Design is not engineering, but he may not be completely out of his depth when it comes to product development.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens simply because Cook’s legacy is that supply chain and Apple has the inertia to keep it going well. Where Apple is perhaps struggling a bit is with innovation IMO.

I’m a Jeff Williams fan but he’s a low key guy in the mold of Cook. I’m a Craig fan because of his background in software and I think the era beyond mobile is going to be defined by software again.

I’m not necessarily unhappy with Cook’s leadership but I feel like he’s not perhaps the visionary that Apple needs to find that next big thing. Craig may not be the guy either but he brings a bit of energy and expertise in software that I think will be vital for the near future and long term.

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In an interview a few years ago Steve “Wozniak said Apple really benefited from Jobs’ lack of technical skills as it meant they were better able to foster the simplicity needed for the human-centric design.”

There is a reason why the best user manuals are written by non-technical people.

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That’s a good point, I remember watching a Silicon Valley episode where one of the guys called Steve Jobs a poser because he didn’t code. And I kind of thought to myself maybe that was a good thing.

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You are all missing a couple of vital points, in the Cook v Federighi debate.

Craig is more charismatic on stage than Tim.

And, hello! That hair! Tim cannot compete with Craig’s hair!


Keep in mind this is a decision of the board of directors. Board members can have their own agendas and their own preferences. These things sometimes have nothing to do with the factors we think about in the public sphere of Apple marketing and keynotes. Also, many corporate boards lean towards who the existing CEO prefers, so Cook could possibly have a lot of sway in who succeeds him. Don’t forget when the stock price is great and everything is going well, Wall Street and boards don’t like to make a change. Look at Disney, Iger has tried to leave for years.

Good point on Iger. It’s not that i’m overly down on Tim Cook I think he’s done better than what I expected. At one time some thought Ive was being groomed for CEO. I’m curious to know what the succession plan “feels” like to internal workers. What person do Apple employees close enough to the action think is the most capable woman or man to lead the company.