iTunes/Apple store cards

This is interesting. I think it’s a good idea.

Apple launches universal gift card for hardware, software, and services

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Now I can wait for them to pop up with discount prices on Costco.

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Funny that today I was at Costco and I always look at them cause sometimes you get the big discount $80 I think it is when they are on sale. I couldn’t find them anywhere in Costco, I thought that was odd. Then later on I see this article. Hopefully there still a discount for these cards at Costco that would be great.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the discounts won’t be as good. I realize that “profit is profit” in some sense, but I feel like a 20% discount on apps and digital content is different from a 20% discount on physical hardware.

We’ll see though. :slight_smile:

There won’t be any discount on the NEW iTunes/Apple store cards. Since they can now be used to purchase product (in addition to music/movies/books/apps/etc) unlike the old iTunes/App Store cards, this takes away the “loss leader” effect. If you can find the old style iTunes card on sale, I suggest you purchase them ASAP.

This new card will allow Apple to streamline what hangs on the pegs in a store. My understanding is that the card can be purchased with an amount ranging from .01¢ to $2,000 US. While the cards can be used towards purchase of a new Apple device in store, once redeemed online the card can’t be used for anything else. To clarify further… I purchase a $500 card and add it to my iTunes account to pay for Apple Music or Apple TV. Those funds completely move to my AppleID account. There is no option to just move part of the funds over. This means I can’t use the card again for an in store purchase. However, I can use those funds for online purchases. So when I need a new charging cable, I can just order it online with my balance. Ship to home or in store pickup makes my life easy.

I find it amusing that Apple has 6 different “collectible” cards available. I am also pleased to learn that all existing iTunes or Apple store cards will still work in the future. There is a $50 gift card somewhere in my house that I can’t find.

A month ago Apple revived a previous offer (now expired) offering a 10% bonus on funds added to an AppleID, up to $200. I can see them doing this periodically instead of allowing others to buy card-value wholesale and reselling it at a lower than face-value price.