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Looking for some help for my wife. She has an old dell computer with a lot of music on it. She has an iPhone 7 and not all her music is on it. How do we get all her music on her iPhone? Any suggestions? Do we need an external hard drive?

I’m also not sure what I’m doing and she isn’t sure what to do. Can we take it to the Apple store for help?

You can install iTunes for Windows, import her music into iTunes and then connect the iPhone to the PC and iTunes can sync it to her phone.

Another option is to use iMazing for the PC. That can also sync music with her phone but it looks like the trial/free version would only do 50 songs, so iTunes is probably the way to go.

Her music I believe is already in iTunes on her computer. Just not showing up on her phone. The computer is very old and slow.

It has been a few years since I used iTunes to sync music (I’m an iTunes Match subscriber) but you should be able to plug the phone into the PC, it should show up in iTunes, and then do a select all to select all of her music and drag it over to her phone and it should copy it all over there.

Thanks. What is iTunes Match?

It is a cloud service that Apple offers. You upload and they store all of your music in the cloud and then you can stream it or download it from there. It cost $24.99 a year. The “match” part of it is they try to digitally match the songs you have with what they already have in their library. If it is already there, you don’t have to upload it, they just give you access to it. The nice part of that is if your songs are a lower bit rate than 256 (a 128 bit MP3 for example) you can download their 256 bit ACC file and replace your lower bit rate song. A lot of people signed up for just one year to upgrade the quality of their libraries.

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