iTunes Match Not Matching/Uploading

I’m having issues, with iTunes Match. I stopped my subscription a year or two ago but as I’ve got HomePod’s now to replace the Amazon devices, I thought it would be an ideal time to move back.

However, a lot of my songs are currently refusing to upload.
For example, I have the following album on my Mac.

On the iPhone, this is showing up as not all the songs have uploaded, which matches the songs on Music.

However, repeated attempts to update the music library (File > Library > Update Cloud Library) does not upload the files. The files in this example are M4A files. In fact, random samples of the songs that haven’t been matched or uploaded appear to all be M4A files, so perhaps these are files I downloaded previously from iTunes Match.

Tapping the music file on the iOS device tells me that the song is not available within my country or region - which isn’t the case when I visit the iTunes Store.

Any ideas how to get these files to upload? There’s quite a large number.

I’m beginning to think that Apple Music may be instead the easier option…

Well switching to Apple Music hasn’t helped at all. I backed up my music and then proceeded to delete everything. For whatever reason, Apple has now decided from the library that it won’t play matched songs.

I’ve now completely deleted my music library and will slowly add items in and see what happens. I’m not impressed with either Apple Music or iTunes Match at the minute.

If it fails to work again, it might be time to just resort to good old fashion syncing music to the phone. Or just switch to using DS Audio - just a bit of a pain with the Homepods.

Deleting everthing from the cloud and then adding files back in to my library a letter at a time (all artists beginning with A etc) appears to have solved the issue - I think.
I’ll see what happens when my month of Apple Music runs out.