iTunes Movie Library

I have a library of movies I copied over from dvd/Blu-ray’s onto an external hard drive several years ago. I have been able to watch movies from this external HD over my Apple TV remotely in another room. But now, in swapping out the old MBPro I had for a newer system, I find that the only iTunes library that shows up on my Apple TV is the library of films I’ve purchased directly from Apple. This is a difference of a few hundred movies. I can seem to find any setting either within the Apple TV or on the Mac to change this. Any suggestions? I would very much appreciate any thoughts.

Have you looked in the Home Movies directory? It’s now under the More button next to Search.

If they are there, you can change the Media Kind from Home Video to Movies in iTunes to move them in with the ones purchased from Apple.

There isn’t a Home Movie choice -that I can see. And no more button, but I’m looking on the computer.

The Apple TV used to see the entire library, including TV Shows, Home Movies, and Movies. Now all iTiunes sees (on both the computer and the Apple TV) are the limited see of iTunes purchased movies and a small subset of the movies copied over from the iTunes folder on the external drive. I can’t copy them all in since ITunes tries to copy them to the SSD on the iMac and there’s nowhere near enough room for all of them.

There used to be a function where iTunes would search for all media on all drives but I cant find that.

I’m on the road right now, so can’t actually check the details myself, but I think you might looking for home sharing.

I checked, I have that turned on. I must be missing something though.

Thank you both for your suggestions. Happy Thanksgiving to all.