I've switched to Express VPN

I’ve previously mentioned my dislike/problems with Encrypt.Me, which I’ve been using
for many years. I recently tried ExpressVPN and I’m happy with it, so I’m cutting the cord on
Encrypt.me. (I’m not happy with their support staff too)

I used ExpressVPN while I was at work yesterday to listen to Spotify over wifi. When I tried this in the past with Encrypt.me, Encrypt.me would always drop the connection after some time. Their support said it isn’t possible to keep the VPN running continuously on iOS. Well, I did that most of the day with ExpressVPN. No problems at all.

I don’t think Express VPN doesn’t have as many VPN servers as Encrypt.me does, but I’ll live with that until it becomes a problem.

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When I was trying to watch BBC from Australia, I had far more issues with Encrypt.me than ExpressVPN. I’d rather have few servers that work properly than lots of servers that don’t :upside_down_face:

There’s no shortcut support for ExpressVPN which is a bit annoying, I have some thoughts on Shortcuts that would enable VPN, but alas this doesn’t seem possible.


You might want to have a look here on this forum.

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