Ivory launched in App Store (“Early Access”)

Ivory (“Tweetbot for Mastodon”) has launched as “Early Access” in the App Store today! :tada:

I have been using the beta via TestFlight; it is already very good!


MacStories review by Federico Viticci:

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I’ve been looking forward to this. Insta download and subscribe.

Completely the opposite, I won’t be subscribing.
Had a subscription to Tweetbot, the Mac app was very neglected and Tweetbot didn’t get very regular updates and lagged.
The fawning by the usual suspects just makes me roll my eyes.
I’m sticking with Mona, such a good client.

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Their only chance of getting me to subscribe to watch tumbleweed blow around was to make one app for iOS/Mx MacOS… (Apollo gets my subscription $$ because of this). I imagine their rush to release is to get it out before people realize, there isn’t much going on on mastodon.

I am not really missing the peeps I followed on twitter that packed up their bags and left twitter. I wish them well… Maybe they can just all follow each other.

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Gotta admit I looked at the pricing for Ivory and frankly Tapbots hasn’t really impressed me with their app upkeep.

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The app is worth the subscription I feel. Very nicely done…but ultimately my dream is to see a version of a Mastodon client by Iconfactory. Twitterrific was so much fun, and I know that they said that the company has some prior commitments, but once finished, would ultimately like to take a look at the Fediverse.


Yeah, I didn’t subscribe to Tweetbot and I often read people complaining that it was not getting enough updates to warrant subscription. I’m glad they’ve made Ivory but I really don’t understand the fawning of the in-crowd. I did try the beta for a week or two alongside of various other betas and released apps. Don’t get me wrong, it is really well done. That said, Mona, side-by-side with Ivory, is not only equal in the quality of design (actually there are only very slight differences between the two), but Mona has some outstanding features that Ivory does not have. And it’s a one time purchase though I don’t know that the price will be. Spring was $12.

All that said though, TapBots has been around for a long while and I think they just have a lot of goodwill built up. They’re a US based company with names and faces people can connect to. Add to that great artwork on an attractive website, a history of posting to social media, etc. Oh, and an adorable logo. I think they’ve gone out of their way with great success to be very likable. By comparison, the developer of Spring/Mona is an unknown person with no website. I think that matters to some people. They connect and want to support people they can see even if they have to pay more. My budget is too tight to be on subscriptions to be nice so I’ll stick with Mona and am happy it’s such an excellent app.

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I’ve been trying to cut down on subscriptions and phone usage the past few months. As a result, I wasn’t on Twitter a whole lot. I was excited to see Ivory drop but after running the TestFlight for the last week or two I’ve come to realize it isn’t about the client - it’s that I just need a break from socials for a while.

Twitter was getting really overly opinionated for me. Less a place for people to interact and more a platform to virtue signal and argue with one another.

When I sign into Mastodon it’s much of the same. I’ll see a “toot” from someone I don’t even know and it will be along the lines of “if you think that ____ and ____ are fair and just, you need to unfollow me right now, full stop”. Then I see that someone I know “retweeted” it. Like everyone is throwing their stance and position out constantly.

I also find mastodon to be all tech people complaining about things.

I find I’m happier to just not look at all of it, despite my heavily curated list of people I follow.

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Based on the positive feedback i’m going to download Mona as well. Like @AppleGuy i’m in need of a break from Social Networks but I like the idea of federated servers as “the next big thing” and I want to support Mastodon when I can.

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