Janury 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

If you want to try Todoist’s pro tier you can get three-months free Todoist premium access (value $9) with code: startfresh2020

Redeem the code on this site: https://todoist.com/redeem

Todoist also has a pretty full-featured free tier - differences between the plans can be found here.

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$44 is the lowest price I’ve seen on the ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch. It has Alexa built-in, making it a great device to use as a smart home hub in an area where you don’t have any other Echo devices.

Otherworld Computing (aka macsales.com) has Apple HomePods in Bulk Non Retail Packaging:

$189.88 for White, or
$194.88 for Space Gray


1 Year OWC Fulfilled Limited Warranty

Is this in place of an Apple warranty? You could get one for $200 new from Best Buy during the holidays.

Wonder if this is a purge prior to new hardware…

For students only: 4-yr subscription to Malwarebytes for $5. (Normally $39.99 a year.)

Register at this link with your school email address, and when it gets validated you’ll be offered a promo code to use at checkout.


Awesome, thanks for that - daughter has a student beans account.
You can purchase up to 5 devices for the 4 years at $/£ 5 per device.
Protected the whole household :slight_smile:

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Tidal streaming music service: choose any plan (including the 5-person Family plan) for just $5 for 5 months:


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Nice list of tech software/service discounts for students:


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I love Tom Clancy and this John Clark’s Kindle book is a steal at $1.99


Theine, my favorite of the Mac Caffeine/stay-awake apps, just temporarily dropped from $3.99 to $0.99


"If you bought an iPhone 11 on launch day, or basically any iPhone,
iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch between September 10 and
November 1, you are almost out of time to get your free year of
the Apple TV+ service."

I was just coming here to post this!

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StackSocial currently offers lifetime AdGuard licenses:

  • Personal: $19,99 (3 devices; normal price is €64,99 + VAT)
  • Family: $29,99 (9 devices; normal price is €139,99 + VAT)


(AdGuard is an ad blocker for iOS, macOS, and Windows)