Jason's Basement Office

I love this category and everyone’s posts so far. Lots of inspiration and a few good suggestions for tools and apps. Here’s my basement office:


The main gear is:

  • 2016 13" MacBook Pro (Business)
  • 2015 13" MacBook Air (Personal)
  • 27" Thunderbolt Apple Display
  • KRK Rokit 5 Studio Monitors
  • Rode ProCaster Dynamic Mic
  • Cloud CL-1 CloudLifter Mic Preamp
  • Focusrite Scarlett USB Audio Interface
  • Wired Apple Keyboard w/ NumPad
  • Apple Magic Mouse
  • A Big, Homemade Chalkboard
  • Vox AC15 Tube Amp
  • Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Guitar
  • Bookshelf Filled with Comics
  • Plenty of Seating

Not shown is my iPhone 8 Plus and my 10.5" iPad Pro, which I use the most these days. And a potentially unhealthy ukulele and instrument collection off to the side of the couch. Music is a fantastic way to take a break and refresh throughout the day.

I’ve been shopping around for a good pop filter for the Rode mic, something that sits close to the mic and isn’t one of those flimsy goosenecks. If anyone has any suggestions, post them!


That amp makes me happy.

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Same. Can’t get it too loud because of the neighbors, but I love having a good tube amp handy.

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Looking at your office setup relaxes me more than mediating :joy: love it!


I’ve got a vox ac4tv for the same reason.

Nice! How do you like it? I’ve been thinking about getting something smaller but haven’t had the opportunity to play through one yet.

Nice amp! Just out of curiosity, what’s the acoustic bass in the corner?

I’ve really enjoyed having it. It’s still louder than you’d think but I can open it up on the 1 watt setting without my neighbors hating me.

There’s the Epiphone Sheraton shown in full, then in that rack to the right of the couch is:

  • 1989 Fender Stratocaster
  • Mid-90s Alvarez acoustic
  • 2017 Fender Jazz Bass

Have a few other random things laying around the house, but those get the most use.

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Yeah, I may need to dust off my Sweetwater card and get a smaller tube amp.

The sad part is that I end up playing through the logic amp simulators as mush my actual amp. #old

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