"Jerkiness" with Wacom tablet via Bluetooth

For years I’ve used a USB-connected Wacom, and now I’m trying one with Bluetooth capabilities. I’ve noticed that when you connect it via Bluetooth, and “draw” by moving the cursor/brush at a moderately quick speed, it’s not as smooth as the same tablet using its USB connection. It’s something like a lower frame rate. Is that normal for a bluetooth Wacom?

Moving the cursor with my Bluetooth Magic trackpad is noticeably smoother, with less flickering.

Is there something I can do to make the Wacom smoother? I’ve installed the latest driver.


FWIW, I used a Wacom for many years and it got increasingly less useful due to driver quality issues. I didn’t have a Bluetooth one, though.

I switched to a different brand over this - my Xencelabs is wireless and connects via a custom dongle through USB-A. I luckily have no lag issues.

Bandwidth over BT should be more than sufficient, so no, it shouldn’t behave this way.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll contact Wacom support about this.

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