Jim Cantore's Carry-on

The pic below has been circulating on social media – purported to be Jim Cantore in the Gainsville airport. I have one thought and one serious question…

  1. It would be kinda cool to hear a podcast episode with Cantore expounding on his EDC gear.

  2. Does that backpack really meet the standards for a carry-on?

My backpack is smaller and it barely fits in the test rack. And some foreign carriers have tighter requirements. I always check with the airline when planning a trip.

Carry-On and Personal Item Size Limits for 32 Major Airlines (smartertravel.com)

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judging by that particular airline’s tags next to his press credentials, he obviously flies mostly domestic for his job and they do not nitpick over carry-on size if it’s just one and fits in the overhead space which that one clearly does. If he flies one of their little connection carriers, it could be a problem but I imagine it could be crammed up there also.


When I used to fly in and out of airports in Montana, it was pretty common to see people with carry-ons about that size — especially around hunting season.


While we are on the subject, are there any good EDC podcasts? I would love to replace some of my tech podcasts with something else.


Is this the Jim Cantore we’re talking about here? On-air meteorologist for the Weather Channel?

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OTOH you can bottom of the stairs “gate” (No gates at the airports I fily into and out of) check a bag that won’t fit in a puddle jumper and it’s first off the plane and you pick it up at the bottom of the steps as you are deplaning. Because by the time they wheel the stairs there, shut off all the stuff they don’t want idiot passengers to walk into etc., the baggage folk have already got the baggage at the end of the stairs for you to pick up and go.

nobody touches my carry-on. ever… :grinning:

You must not ever travel on very small planes. You can barely carry a purse on some of them. The ones that fly out of our normal airport have 3 seats across. I can get my Tom Bihn bag under one but I have my feet on it. There is no way I can carry even the smallest carry-on bag into the plane. They are far more like small private jets with self loading cargo than normal passenger planes. There is only 1 side with an above seat storage place.

This is the most comon aircraft at the local commercial airports.

EMB 145

Some of the private planes at the private airports are larger, or at least far more comfortable.


Yes. Based on the title of my original post and the nametag on his backpack, that’s him :grinning:

Well yeah but I had no idea who Jim Cantore is. So I googled the name. And left a link for the benefit of others who might be similarly befuddled.


Yah I had ZERO idea who this was, haha!


I understood. I didn’t mean to sound snarky.

I found that pic online – so I can’t vouch for its authenticity. It looks like him, but I’m not sure about the airport or when it was taken.

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I like “Gearing Up”. It’s a little meandering, but I find it entertaining. The topic itself is a bit limited without getting endlessly into “this is the new knife/pen/wallet from ______.”