Jodie Foster and the Vision Pro headset

I saw Jodie Foster on a talk show earlier this week, talking about her new True Detective show.

She said that, recently, her favourite sport team was playing at the exact same time as she was sitting in an awards show (the Emmys?), waiting to find out if she won the award.

She managed - with great difficulty - to avoid finding out the score before she got home, where she watched a recording.

I’m kinda hoping to the same wrt to the Vision Pro. I reckon it’ll take 18 months until the first “game” is over with the VP, and we know who won.

I’d like very much for everyone to not talk about it until then.

Thank you in advance for your silence.


Ha ha! Good luck. Here’s a link to a spoiler-free page that might help.


Thank you! I’ve ordered two.