Jony Ive leaving Apple

Forming a company with Apple as its first customer. Details are sketchy.

Big news, wow… felt like he was the spiritual guide of Apple design in Steve’s absence.


The Apple announcement:

Ive’s designs are very much inspired by Dieter Rams, who designed for Braun.

Perhaps another disciple of less is more is waiting in the wings.


Was he still working there?


Bets on who his second client will be? My prediction is a car company.

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The WSJ argues that this change is not as important now and for Apple’s future as it once was:

Engadget echoes the same theme:

And 9to5Mac:

But who’s going to narrate Apple’s product videos at their big events now? :slight_smile:


I hope Apple’s obsession with thinness leaves with him. It would be nice to get normal keyboards back in the MacBook Pros. I don’t think Apple would get any complaints if they could also increase battery capacity across their products.

If their new product designs really have the lead time that we read about, we maybe be seeing his designs for quite a few years to come with no further input required from him.


Hopefully someone who never utters the words “thinnest and lightest”

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Perhaps this will end the endless stream of copy cats with a British accent promoting their software or product.s

Finally we’ll see someone from design on stage at the keynote!

Everyone who thinks Ives was stifling his designers by pushing thin, light and minimal designs has disappointment in their future.

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Jony left after making his last stand.


Jony’s last stand…

I would love to have an iPhone HD option that is thicker for a xxl battery and rugged design.


You must be looking for the all new Horse Apple™


I think it will be years before we see noticeable changes, and not just because of the product design and development timescales for 2019-21 products but also because of his institutional influence on everyone under him. Everyone who’s been successfully carving out a career in Apple’s design team has done so by keeping within the bounds Ive set. This will take even longer to change than product revisions.

I agree that many people say they prefer thin phones but I can’t recall the last time I saw a naked iPhone. Otterboxes, and similar sized armor, are standard dress for iPhones in my part of the country.

That’s not likely to change until Apple starts selling phones that can survive the normal wear & tear of everyday life.

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I understand the appeal of going case-less. I carried my '07 iPhone without a case for 4 years. But I have felt the need for minimum protection starting with my 4s (bumper, leather, currently silicone).

Haven’t damaged one yet but each new one has been more fragile (& expensive), imo, than its predecessor.