Journal app in new beta

Happy to see that the Journal app is included with the latest Developer Beta

Does it have shortcuts support or share extension access per chance?

Not at this time. It’s got very basic functionality. This will presumably change as it responds to previous content the more you use it. Day One has no reason to worry at this point.


@SteveNY No shortcut yet but there is share extension access

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The Journal app is very basic at the moment. You can add text, voice, or a photo entry. No tags, filters, or shortcuts support. You can adjsut the note date. No improt or export.

Apple Journal App is very basic at the moment. This can be good to keep things simple and start journaling now. You can manually add some of your old entries and adjsut the date.

On the other hand, I’ve stopped using Day One a while ago is it has too many bells and whistles.

it seems to be only iOS at this point… if that is the case, I’ll be keeping DayOne on ALL of my devices

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Same. I like DayOne and Apple will really need to BRING IT for me to want to move to their system.

I think it is great that a very technically sound and secure option for keeping your thoughts is being introduced by Apple. However, I will expect Apple will keep it pretty basic where it is going to be good enough to be used for many scenarios but there will still be a market for competing products that excel at something. I consider Day One to be the Rolls Royce of journaling and I doubt Apple is going to be interested in adding that much functionality in it. Just like Reminders is pretty good on its own but there are apps that still have a market and use cases like Things or all the different notes apps instead of Apple Notes.