Journaling App - Day One vs Journey

Hey MPU,

I am a frequent user of Day One and recently subscribed to be a premium member. However, a friend of mine took up journaling and recommended an app called Journey.

I looked through it and it seems to have almost the same basic features of Day One, in addition to the video feature I was wanted as well

Anyone ever use it yet?

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Day One has hooks into weather, social media feeds, can use calendar events as entries, and recently added audio. It’s a more comprehensive option, but if you don’t want or need that flexibility then other apps might be perfectly fine. (Before I moved to Day One I used the iOS-only Momento app.)

I played with Journey, it seems good. Zapier wrote - as they often do on many subjects - a great overview of journaling apps. Worth a read. They call Journey the best alternative to Day One, with one-time payment being a plus. (One nice Mac/web/iOS app not mentioned in the review is Diarly.)

I heard on one of the recent Day One podcasts that they have an internal beta with video and are hoping to add video this year FWIW

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I played with Journey for a time, it is also part of Set App. Liked the interface of Day One better, plus you couldn’t do multiple journals on Journey, which I really need.