Journey mapping

Hello everyone. I’m looking for journey mapping software recommendations. What do you use? What have you heard good things about?

Not sure what “journey mapping” entails exactly but i use an app called Lokate sometimes to gather pictures and notes along a route:

Customer experience journey mapping, I assume?

Other than the expensive options such as Salesforce, Visual-Paradigm, which support journey mapping as part of a larger suite, I’d suggest that any good graphics software can do the job very well. I’ve seen journey maps created by clients using PowerPoint, Keynote, Curio,, Gliffy, Visio, OmniGraffle, LucidChart, etc. (LucidChart has several JM templates.)

All but Curio, Visio, OmniGraffle, are web based or have web options, which is useful because effective journey maps require collaboration from different areas of the organization.

In other words, odds are you already have the tools you need. Find a template to emulated (e.g., via Google image search).

(Or, it’s really just a travel mapping program you want, and I’d recommend RoadTrip Planner for that.)


I’ve built customer journey maps in Omnigraffle previously. Also recently just used Figma to build a journey map as well.

@anon41602260 thank you very much. Yes, mapping the customer experience journey is how the board director first framed the need. The follow up email now asks I first map out graphically their internal workflows of how the staff manage their membership program.

Sounds more like a workflow diagram now rather than a journey map which shows…

The steps they take to handle 1) reminding members their membership will soon be lapsing and 2) the lapsed renewals and 3) thanking them.

This org use paper membership forms as well as a webpage, so they have two different workflows with checks and electronic payments.

So that’s the project. If you have additional reflections or services which come to mind I’d appreciate hearing more ideas from you and others.

Someone mentioned using Trello and another Canva. I’ll look into those as well as the ones you surfaced. Cheers.

I use OmniFocus so OmniGraffle interest me. Figma is new territory so I’ll look at it too. Thank you

I have used in the past, which is pretty good. There are quite a few web-based solutions.


Looks like you’re looking for software to support BPMN modeling. I usually use LucidChart for that.

As you can imagine, there is a very large market of BPMN software providers. Wikipedia has a good summary, which is probably about 70% accurate and up to date. Unfortunately, not a lot of good BPMN tools in the macOS domain.

I would never think of Trello for BPMN. Canva is more of a page design tool than process modeling.