JSBox (JavaScript IDE for iOS) experiences?

Has anyone used JSBox (a JavaScript IDE on iOS)? What’s your experience with it?

I currently use Pythonista which is very nice and works well, but I wonder whether I should play with JSBox as well.

Is JSBox the only JavaScript IDE for iOS, or are there more? If so, which one(s) do you recommend?

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Weird, I never heard of it. I tried to find reviews online and didn’t find much and the App Store reviews seem to be in Mandarin. I would also like to know more about it now.

Hey guys, I’m happy to see that JSBox is noticed by others since I made it :slight_smile:

The goal of JSBox is to leverage native iOS APIs using JavaScript, so I won’t say it’s a general JavaScript IDE, because it’s designed for specific scenarios.

Don’t worry about why there are many Mandarin reviews (I’m from China though), this app also has English localization and documentation: https://docs.xteko.com/#/en/

Here are two promo codes for my app, you can try it for free:

  • LYW7F669P4RT
  • 393MKK7LNKPY

If you like it, please share it with your friends as it motivates me.

Also, there is a demo gallery which you can find many examples: https://xteko.com/gallery/en

Please feel free to reach me out via Twitter@cyanapps, I share my ideas and demos there.

For anyone else trying: unfortunately both are already taken by somebody else.

Seems like I never posted it here, but I found two more:

Scriptable which is working really well for me, for 2 use cases:

Rescript is another one, but that did not work for me.

You can send me your email, either at here or Twitter, I can add you to JSBox beta.


I have sent you my email address via a Personal Message on this forum.

So after @cyanapps was so kind to give me a promo code I have been playing with JSBox myself. Wow, I’m impressed! I can’t believe that I have never seen a review of this App before… (I think the guys from MacStories.net would love this!)

In about 2 hours I was able to convert my Scriptable script for using the RTM API to JSBox and I was able to add tasks (to desired lists with tags, locations, and a comment) to RTM from JavaScript code :smile: (I could even remove a large part of the code since JSBox has a built-in md5 function)

I think I converted about 99%. The only thing missing is being able to run the script from Launch Center Pro, but that requires x-callback-support, which I cannot find in the documentation (I only see a URL scheme to install scripts; not to run them).

@cyanapps Does JSBox support x-callback-url? If so, how?

(Kind of surprised I could not find that; JSBox seems loaded with powerful functions)

EDIT: I discovered that I can use jsbox://run?name=rtm to run the script, but what about parameters? (I would like to pass 1 string as a parameter of the script)

When never an app opens JSBox with jsbox:// scheme, you can get all the parameters with $context.query: docs[dot]xteko[dot]com/#/en/context/method?id=contextquery (sorry, but it is said that I can’t post links)

That should work :smile:

Going to try it tonight!

I just sent you a request via Twitter messages to add me to the Beta, thanks

Got it working from Launch Center Pro after some experimenting! :smile:

Somehow this command from the documentation you provided did not work for me:

jsbox://runjs?file=RTM.js&text={{task #list #context @location // Comment}}

However, this (as suggested in the App) did:

jsbox://run?name=RTM&task={{task #list #context @location // Comment}}