Jump to latest message-iPhone

I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to jump to the latest (current, last) message in Messages for iOS. For instance, if you scrolled up to get to a message early in the list, and now you want to get back to the current one. I can find plenty of stuff on getting to the earlier messages, but none on getting back to the latest without scrolling all the way back down.



I presume by this you mean swiping up the screen multiple times? Did you know that when the scroll bar appears you can drag that about to move the entire length of the conversation in one movement?

As you start scrolling & the scroll bar appears, rest your finger on the bar for a moment, the phone should buzz to indicate you’ve ‘picked up’ / ‘connected’ with the scroll bar - dragging that to the bottom of the screen will take you to the end of the message thread no matter how many screen swipes that would usually be.

Just switch to an other sender, and back…

Tap on the “send message” input box.

@stu_w @Ulli Thanks so much. Both great ideas and both work well :+1:.

Love MPU forum.



Sent the message after @nationalinterest’s message came in. Another great idea.


That works if you scrolled before you do so. But once you’re in the send message box and scroll up, tapping the message box again doesn’t do anything.

My approach is to use the back button to get to my message list then right back in again.

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if I am on a message - then school way up to see earlier ones - then if I simply put the cursor in the typing field (without typing) - then it jumps back to the latest one…

does that help?