Just a few 3rd party widgets show up - bug?

I have a weird issue: I updated my iPhone to iOS 16 and also updated all the apps that introduced widgets. However, only stock apps (+ Soor and Parcel) are showing up in the widget selection screen. Any ideas why this is happening and what to do about it? I‘ve already rebooted the phone… Soor and Parcel also only showed up after opening the app for the first time. However, this hasn‘t helped for e.g. Widgesmith. :thinking:

(Scrolling down to the list makes no difference, also just stock apps + Parcel)

See this topic:

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Thank you. It solves the issue for some apps, but not for others. Widgetsmith for example is not showing up, even after opening the app, creating a widget, and rebooting the phone.

The same issue was a problem with widgets in iOS 14 at launch, sadly.

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I was getting no 3rd-party widgets even after rebooting and checking the App Store for upcoming updates.

However, there were updates for several apps that weren’t listed in “upcoming” — Fantastical, for example. I had to force the update to be applied by finding it in the App Store, going to its page, and then “update” appeared.

Once I did this, the widget was available for Fantastical. I did restart the phone after forcing these updates, but I’m not sure it’s necessary.

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I’m finding the same thing :frowning: I do have all kinds of widgets available on the iPad which is running the beta. . .Weird.