Just confirmed with the Day One devs, TextExpander support has been removed and it's not coming back

Really sad. I was hoping that they would eventually add Fill-In snippets capability, instead they just ripped it out totally. Of course their solution is to point to the TE Keyboard, which doesn’t work with external keyboards. I guess the true workaround will be to write in Drafts and then share it to Day One. Now I worry that Fantastical and Omnifocus could be the next apps to jump ship. This only affects iOS but I like the convenience of TE in all my devices but one has to wonder if a TE subscription is worth it for Mac only, which has numerous other apps that offer almost the same functionality.


Yeah, I’m kind of considering cancelling my subscription. The implicit promise of a subscription model is that the devs will have continued financial support to keep improving the product. I have not seen any improvements in quite a while.


I guess this thread will also circle back to subscriptions.


I’m still using the last pre-subscription TE for iOS on iOS 14 & it works fine.

Interesting paradox where you can end up with more features (or at least the one that matters to you) if you pay less.

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it’s almost like they don’t even care about the iOS app. really weird. they were a better company before subscriptions. Their keyboard still sucks and they do no promotion for enhanced apps. Their enhanced apps page is an outdated abomination. Are they too lazy to update it?

As an alternative, iOS text replacement works fine. I have over a dozen snippets for journaling stored and use them every day.


Was it Day One that dropped support for TE or TE that’s dropped support for Day One?

This read like it was Day One that made the change but TE seems to be getting the brunt of the comments even though both apps are subscription model apps.

I get that if TE doesn’t work for the purpose you want it for that’s fair enough reason to cancel a subscription.

I just wondered who shot first though (apart from Han Solo of course… :wink: ).


This thread reminded me to get rid of my TextExpander subscription, since it was not useful on iOS and I am a Typinator user on macOS. Interesting, you cannot unsubscribe with Smile – you “suspend” the account. So I did that and also deleted the account to be sure. In neither action was there a confirmation email, which I would have expected.


Unfortunately, that’s one of the side effects of subscriptions. if there are any issues, people are gonna complain that “they pay money”. The problem seems to be that Day One devs got tired of working around the TE devs. In their email to me, D1 complained that TE was interfering with functionality they want to implement in the future. Now one of these apps is updated regularly and is in vibrant development, the other is not. I suspect that Smile is not up to the challenge of iOS development as I have had snippets that worked fine in macOS but did not function as intended in iOS. It could be that D1 wants to implement their own in-app snippet functionality. We will see. Textexpander is still supported by my big 3, Drafts, Omnifocus, and Fantastical, so until they drop support, TE will continue to get my sub. Lose any of them and I will just go Mac only with the pre-sub version.


Smile would do well to be very, very careful. The subscription is only valuable to individuals because it’s the only text expansion app that has an API that other apps can leverage. But if apps start dropping support and/or Apple opens keyboard interception on iOS, TE is done.

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My dream scenario is AgileTortoise acquires TextExpander and it’s rolled into Drafts.


Rolling TextExpander into Drafts might be fine for Drafts, but does nothing for other apps on the platform. And why would AgileTortoise be motivated to coordinate integration with other developers for a text expansion feature?

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I meant from a user perspective. If you use TextExpander for iOS, the tab nobody uses is the “Notes” tab (because we use drafts instead). Imagine that tab being “Drafts” and imagine Greg’s beautiful design work on the TE Keyboard and the attention to detail that Drafts has. Drafts has become the “frontend” for TE for many users in their email app due to devs unwillingness to implement TE support (Hi Spark). This works fine for initiating an email but sucks for responding.

As far as coordination with developers, I doubt Smile does much of that short of offering an SDK. Even then remember the SDK languished unattended for years until recently. Check out their “coordination” on the Enhanced Apps page. Smile seems uninterested in pushing textexpander for iOS. Logic would dictate that it only enhances a subscription if apps continue to support TE. It seems to be going the other way. Smile should be bending over backwards to work with devs of other apps. I am not sure thats being done.


Ah right, thanks for the update. I don’t have TE myself but I am a D1 user (for the time being) so the context was of interest. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Do you store your templates/prompts in text replacement?

Just curious because I have tried daily prompts in Day One, but it never stuck with me.

I canceled my subscription a few months ago and haven’t missed it. I have a few snippets in the native operating system snippets store (I’ve blanked on the official name of it) and a few more in the “favorites” list of my clipboard manager. That’s enough for me.

I have no problem whatsoever with the subscription business model, and I think TextExpander handled the transition well. I just found I don’t need TE anymore.

I have a problem remember the shortcut keys so I have opted setting up iClips. You can set up groups of clips and you can just move the arrow to the side of the screen that you have it set and it comes out of hiding (You can pin it open as well) and just move it snippit that you are interested (Say your email address) and click on the arrow and it will fill in where you last left your cursor.

You can alsol setup short cut keys if you want to use a keyboard instead.


Lastly, it is also scriptable.

One aspect of TE that is possibly easy to overlook, is that it also works on Windows. Not many others (if any?) that offers this cross-platform functionality. I guess in the Enterprise/Teams realm of their offering, this makes them particularly attractive in the corporate world.

But regardless, I hardly dabble in Windows these days, and almost never use TE on iOS (find the keyboard abysmal)… I am however a heavy TE user on MacOS… Might just start looking at Typinator again, albeit that it still, AFAIK, is missing a key feature of TE that I really appreciate.


I believe I use TextExpander most in iOS. My email client is Dispatch which has full TE support (including Fill-In Snippets). My most used apps are Drafts, Omnifocus, Fantastical, Textastic, and GV Connect. They all also have full TE support. So I don’t know if that is a coincidence or what. :smiley:

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