Just discovered Devonthink internal window management

Passing along something I just stumbled upon after using DT for many years.

The DT menubar command “Go > Workspaces > Add …” lets you create multi-window layouts inside Devonthink.

Sort of like Moom or KM window tools but inside DT itself.

I had long forgotten this existed, probably because I didn’t have an obvious use for it.

Trying to sort a somewhat large inbox of clipped and bookmarked contents that I have been collecting, I used it to create a two-pane window layout with a condensed display of the inbox on a left-side window and a large window to the right.

Now I can easily drag and drop to quickly move/sort everything from the inbox into the appropriate database or create new folders (aka groups) without a lot of scrolling or screen manipulation.

Power tip: Create a workgroup (saved window layout) that matches your default layout of choice. So as you experiment and use different workgroup layouts, you can easily get back to your default setup with having to exit and restart DT itself.


A Stream Deck comes in handy here, too. Each Workspace has a keyboard shortcut, and if you don’t want to remember which shortcut is for which Workspace, you can create an icon for each one on your Stream Deck, and jump between them quickly.

I have buttons, for example, for Workspaces for Personal Records, Work Records, and Daily Notes.

CleanShot 2023-07-26 at 14.56.01@2x


As databases aren’t closed when loading a workspace, you may end up with more open than you’d like. In DEVONthink’s Script menu > More Scripts is also an Open Clean Workspace script you can install. This closes all open databases when launching the one you’ve selected when running the script.


I’ll keep that in mind. Right now, I have a total of three databases in DT (two large, one small) and I always keep them all open when DT is running so probably isn’t an issue for me.