Just discovered I can drag Apple Mail Message to Reminders-creates link

Most of you probably already know this but for those who may not I thought I would share this small discovery. I received an email notice of an AMX charge for a new subscription that I want to be sure to cancel in 6 months. On a lark I thought I’d try to drag the email into the Reminders app to save me typing. Sure enough, it worked perfectly and created a link back to the email message (Apple Mail) for reference. This plus the upcoming updates to Reminders makes Reminders my default for personal to-do items. Because I have large teams and projects I use Asana for my work projects/tasks.


Thanks! Yes, even on iPad it yields the equivalent of “Hey Siri, Remind me about this.” Thanks for sharing!

This is genuinely useful, thanks. I’ve switched back to reminders recently because I don’t have the needs of an advanced task manager at the moment (especially as I use Basecamp for managing my different work teams).

I find it much less time consuming than either Omnifocus or Things. I intend to stick to it because I like the integration with Apple Watch and the simple Mac interface (especially with the sidebar off, and the ability to flick through the lists with the touchpad).

I hope the updates maintain the simple nature of reminders, while making all the promised enhancements (which do sound great).

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the sharesheet in mail.app?

Sounds like your workflow is much like mine. I tried OF but it does not work if one has large teams and many projects across those teams. I use Asana because of its portfolio feature and I can create the equivalent of OF Perspectives using the custom fields and saved search feature. Like Basecamp, I am able to keep all projects, tasks, assignments, conversations, documents, and more in one central location for all teams, direct reports, and projects. I don’t need the complexity of OF for personal and home projects so Reminders works just fine.