Just discovered the keyboard shortcut to switch between windows of the current app

It’s CMD ` (the inverted apostrophe which appears on the tilde symbol key on a UK Mac keyboard)

Amazing. Wish I’d known about this years ago.


Cool, didn’t know about that. Will have to try it out when I get home. Thanks for sharing. That character is called a backtick by the way.

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This was one of the first shortcuts I learned when switching from Windows. I was whiny about missing ctrl+tab and my friend researched cmd+` to shut me up.

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One of the first shortcuts I reveal to friends who switch to a Mac! :joy:

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I recently mapped this keyboard shortcut to mouse keys via Better TouchTool and it was a game changer. Especially if you’re jumping from different browser profiles.

FYI there are a few good window-switching third party apps out there. I personally use Contexts configured to work like Windows’s alt+tab.

There’s great resources on the Apple website


Yep. Even though I use native trackpad and BTT gestures, I still can’t shake my cmd-tab/alt-tab ways from Windows after all these years. Shrug.

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You may want to look at AltTab too.

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The other place you can find keyboard shortcuts defined is
:green_apple: > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts
On all my Macs this is one of the first places I visit and swap around the Paste options (Paste and Paste and Match Style) for Scrivener as I want the latter to be the default action on ⌘V.

This Preferences pane also helps you identify what keyboard shortcuts are actually set rather than those that can be set.

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Thanks for the tip. I wish it was easier to discover all these keyboard shortcuts. I do use KeyQue but clearly not often enough.

In case it’s helpful, here are some of my favourite (often easy-to-miss) similar tips:

I pretty much use Alfred. What greater benefits does Contexts give?

I was about to recommend CheatSheet, which is a free little app that shows a menu of shortcuts when you press and hold CMD (I’d discussed it in a thread here). However, I’ve just seen the horrifying news on their website that it will no longer work on OS Sonoma and they’re pointing people to KeyCue :scream:

Windows’ alt+tab feature. That’s all I use it for.

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There are two more options I would add:

  1. this open source alternative called Alt-tab. It’s free and actively mantained by the community; (missed @pubay’s post who kindly recommended this app earlier, please consider this a +1 for alt-tab)

  2. Natively, when hitting CMD+Tab, pressing down arrow while still holding CMD key will show all windows from the selected app (this used to be called called App Exposè), then you can switch between them via keyboard or mouse.


Just want to mention that one of the big advantages of AltTab is that it will switch you to all windows of the current app across all open spaces. The default command-` hotkey only works in the current space.

Something I figured out last year-ish was the command Application Windows for mission control. So we know mission control gives you the birds eye view of everything open, but in system preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Mission Control there’s a command Application Windows. (I’m on macOS 13.6.1). And that command may not be there by default, I honestly forget. I remember setting my keyboard shortcut to ⌘+F1, so it’s adjacent to tab.

That shows all the windows for the currently selected application from all spaces, so it’s regular Mission Control, but only one app at a time. Once you’re in that view you can also hit tab to cycle through each open app, and it shows all the windows for just that app. Then you can use the arrow keys to select specific windows.

I don’t think it’s as intuitive as good 'ole ⌘+tab, but sometimes when I have a ton of Finder windows open, it’s great.


The default shortcut is control+down

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