Just got a new iPad Pro. What are some good apps to try out

FYI the other day The Sweet Setup posted articles about customizing GoodNotes for productivity, by using templates.

I agree, I have been switching from one to the other for a long time. Both of them have nice features. Nowadays I am more on Goodnotes since the last update. :memo:

LumaFusion! WAYYY better than iMovie. Really makes videos fun to make.

Hi there fellow engineer / physicist / aspiring writer, here are some of my favorites:

Aeon Timeline - conquering the 4th dimension of story telling on this planet and any other, as well as all kinds of other uses from event planning to lens choosing and fountain pen management
I’m in team iThoughts for mind mapping, making lists, documenting hierarchical structures, I find it more graphical and MindNode more textual.
Scrivener for long form (or short form)
Ulysses for short form (or long form)

Vernier Video Physics and its associated Graphing app - allows you to analyze and graph video of moving objects

Sun Surveyor and a couple of eclipse apps

For handwritten notes I have tried Goodnotes, Notability and NoteShelf and they all have their good points and seem to exist in a sort of arms race where if one adds a feature, the others may add it as well. I like Notability’s long pages but I go back to NoteShelf for its italic pen option.

Kanji Teacher, Duolingo, Drops and Scripts for learning languages and other writing systems.

Lynda.com if you need to learn anything about apps from Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, photography or programming languages.

Reality Composer (will be available on iPad OS 13, I was able to install it on the beta).

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