Just received the beautiful new Waterfield Air Duffel Carry-on

My travel is about to pick up so in anticipation I ordered the beautiful new WaterField Air Duffel Carry-On. This is a beautifully crafted and well designed duffel. I purchased the black ballistic and the black Tech Pocket Plus to go with it. I will be able to carry my MBP, iPad, clothes and other items onboard. I’ll attach one of my AirTags to it and I’m set for 1-2 day trips (I’m a travel minimalist when it comes to packing).

I own several Waterfield cases. I highly recommend them.


WaterField has never led me wrong either. I’ve had several of their bags for different laptops and they seem to last forever and look good as new, even years later.

I haven’t tried a lot of other bags, because I lucked into SFBags early on and have used them for the past 10 years, according to receipts in my Gmail account :slight_smile:

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Love Waterfield. Their Sutter Tech Sling is my bag of choice when going out with just my iPad.

I should never had read this post! :flushed: The Sling looks amazing …


It is. I am a Tom Bihn fan for life, but the Tech Sling is the bag that got me to cheat on them (though I did recently buy a Synik).


Agree - beautiful but hard to justify a A$600+ bag. I expect post COVID to still do less travel as everyone has discovered how much can be done on a video call

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I have carried an Air Porter, the narrower sibling of the Air Duffel, for years as my main “go to work” bag.

I always buy Waterfield bags in their “chocolate leather” style. I should have a closet just to hold my Waterfield collection! :moneybag:

The Air Porter (and I assume the Air Duffel) always carries a lot more than it seems it can from the outside. These bags are thoughtfully designed and almost indestructible. I’ve never worn out any Waterfield bag. And, as advertised, the Air Porter fits perfectly under the seat in front of me when I fly.

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I agree. While they are expensive, they are a good long term investment in that with reasonable care should last nearly a lifetime.

Chris - I hate you, and the fact that you’re about to cost me about $200. :slight_smile:
Did you get the compact or full size sling? I like the smaller size, but I want to carry both my iPad Air in a minimalist case, and also have the magic keyboard in the same sling, just in case.

Yes and I came to the same estimate is AUD. I looked for sling bags here is Aus and there are some, but not to the Sling’s standard (or price, couldn’t find one close to that price!)
All that said, it’s tax time and this would be for work … :wink:

Just played with ordering the Sling, got to shipping costs and it states “Not Free, will be calculated after purchase”. Probably a good reason for that but consumer confidence isn’t one of them. First time I’ve seen that. :expressionless:

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First time I’ve seen that.

Happens quite often with small indie shops. They can’t aggregate global costs so they need your address to estimate shipping.


I got the full size, to accommodate my 12.9” iPad Pro.

I ordered the compact sling. @ChrisUpchurch, I wish you had an affiliate link, haha!!!

looking forward to reporting back after I get it.


I have had my eye on that bag as well. Didn’t pull the trigger because I don’t want to pay that much given that I will only need it a few times a year.