Just replaced my 2016 MBP 13... hopeful

Fortunately for Apple, I’ve been a Mac user since my Dad bought us the very first Macintosh. if the 2016 MacBook Pro That I just replaced had been my first Mac it also would have been my last. I hate, despise and loathe it for all of the reasons the readers here could probably guess.
I had some ‘use it or lose it‘ budget and used it to get the 2019 MBP 13. The keyboard is much nicer than the previous one and after 20 minutes of playing with it, the keys all still work. All in all… I’m hopeful

I also had one of the 2016 models, I must say I’ve not had an issue with it since the keyboard replacement that apple did (under the special program). Work kindly purchased me a 2019 13" MBP and I agree, the keyboard is far better, for me it’s almost perfect (in terms of travel/feel/sound/stability). Enjoy your new MacBook Pro!

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