Just wanted to share an amazing app .... at least for me (Magnet)

Watching a video on YouTube someone mentioned the app Magent for Mac. is truly amazing since it manage the windows on your Mac similar on how Windows does it and is really how I think MacOS should work…


Similar to moom (which i use) and rectangle, medium. Still relevant review of all of them here: Moom vs Magnet vs Rectangle | Medium

Yeah, I would recommend Moom. It’s great.


What’s the benefit of this one over BetterTouchTool/BetterSnapTool?

Not sure… I saw this one, installed it and it work perfectly :slight_smile: didn’t try any other.

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I agree you get this and more with BetterTouchTool. It’s just that it’s not marketed heavily and has a lot of other great features so lots of people miss it

The most flexible management I’ve seen is in Raycast (kind of like Alfred).

So if I want this Safari window to take up the left 3/4 of the screen, I just hit Hyper (to open Raycast) then ftf and enter (ftf would match First Three Fourths).
I defined rh and lh to be right half and left half. I also like Almost Maximize, which moves a window to the middle with about 10% border around the edges.