Karabiner is working in Big Sur beta, with one minor annoyance on reboot

Karabiner for Big Sur is available here:

There’s one caveat:

Important Notice

macOS Big Sur Beta 6 has a very serious DriverKit issue.
Karabiner-Elements will stop working after restarting your Mac due to the issue.

You have to reinstall the driver by the following way every reboot on macOS Big Sur Beta 6.

“Reinstall” is a strong way to put it. When you reboot, you have to click a button, enter your macOS admin password, and then click another button. That’s it!


I’m so happy to have this back. :grin: Ah it just feels like home. Maybe next year I’ll be more patient and wait to install the beta until Karabiner works. :joy:


That “maybe” tells us everything we need to know.