Karbiner, Logitech MX Keys and Caps Lock Super Key

Has anyone else had problems using Karbiner and the Caps Lock “super key” with the Logitech Craft or Logitech MX Keys keyboards? I just hooked my MX Keys up and caps lock works as a caps lock key, but not as the uber-modifier key. I did some quick research and saw that this is a known issue. I didn’t know if anyone here had a workaround. @MacSparky? You were discussing the Craft recently. Did you run into a problem?

Thanks all!

Using the MX keys Karabiner caps lock key as a super key works ok.

go to karabiner elements and make sure the MX keys keyboard is checked under the “devices” tab. that’s what made it work for me

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Working for me. Are you using the latest version of K? I’ll look at my setup next time I’m at my iMac.

KE has been silently dying on me lately. I tap CapsLock and Alfred doesn’t appear. Running KE and closing the window restarts the engine. Not sure if that’s the problem you’re seeing.

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Having all of the Logitech Unifying devices checked under the “Devices” tab for KE seemed to fix it. Thanks @Kim_Trinh for the suggestion. I appreciate it.


A tangential question, as it seems a surprisingly large number of Mac aficionados here have that keyboard: how do you like it? How does it feel, sound?

I really like it, to me it has about as much travel as the magic keyboard that came with my iMac, is also taller which I find more comfortable.
Unlike some (Jason Snell / Vittici) I make good use of the number pad.
Where it really comes into its own for my is when used with the MX Pro mouse and Logitech software it has ‘flow’. If I hold down control and push the pointer against the edge of the screen it switches automatically between my MacBook Pro and iMac. Such a time saver and also keeps the desk a bit tidier.
It’s slighter noiser than the magic (nowhere near as noisy as a mechanical), but a deeper sound I find the magic has a tinny sound which annoys me more.


Thanks. I’m currently using the wired extended Apple keyboard (I too make good use of the numeric keypad, and I’m used to the arrow keys away from the letter keys). I previously was mostly happy with a Das Keyboard model but the cherry-blue-style keys got too loud for me. After a couple of years I started having problems with some keys sticking… and they sent me a new replacement (albeit with Windows-specific keys - and I sold it).

So I’m on the lookout for something with better feedback than this Apple keyboard once it eventually starts to go, and I’m not sure I want to go for a mechanical keyboard again (although of late I’ve heard good things about the extended Leopold keyboard.)

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I just got a Matias Ergo Pro and love it. I also got a Logi vertical mouse. Together they are really helping with my RSI issues.

I’ve been using one at home for a month or so and I just unboxed one for the office, so two thumbs up from me. When I got my first one, the first thing I noticed was the heft. It must weigh multiple times an Apple Magic Keyboard. That’s a good thing to me.

The next thing I noticed was what appears to be some darn good build quality. The keys are pretty solid, they don’t wiggle around like on a lot of keyboards I’ve used, and it has a nice design aesthetic so it’s easy on the eyes, too.

Finally, I like that extra little bit of resistance when typing. The physical experience of using it just feels better in a way that is about as definable as pornography is to a US Senator.

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