Katie Floyd's Home Office

No, I usually have the second display up, thus the riser. Depends on what I’m doing, if I’m done for the day, or cleaning up (for a photo) I will close it. :slight_smile:


The TV is nothing special, it’s a 42” Samsung plasma I bought in 2008 for the olympics. It was my main TV for many years and my first HD TV, but I’ve since upgraded twice so this TV had gotten relegated to the office. It just won’t die.


The desk is BEAUTIFUL! Did you have it built or was it there when you bought the house?

My LCD Sony TV (that I’m watching the Wimbledon men’s semifinal on right now) won’t die either. It’s from 2005. Those early TVs lasted forever.

Thanks for providing the links to the hardware. I really like how you always strike a balance between price and stuff that ‘plays nicely’ with the Mac. I will definitely be making a few purchases.

The office looks great too :wink:


That’s great! I looked at a house with one of those above-the-garage offices once, but the house was ‘too much’ for my partner at the time. It also had a hot tub in between the garage and the main house. What I wouldn’t give for that today. :wink:

If Apple comes out with a waterproof iPad you could make the hot tub your office. :grin:


Awesome setup! I am drawn to nice simple organized work spaces. It serves as inspiration.

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Fantastic! The cleanliness and lack of clutter fills me with envy.

Do you normally use the MacBook with the display closed like that? I keep mine in approximately the same position, but open. 27” Apple Cinema Display is my main monitor, MacBook shows email all day. I glance over every few minutes. If nothing urgent has come in, I ignore email.

Beautiful office Katie!



Looks lovely! I see an ottoman, so I assume you have a chair to relax in? Jealous!

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Very nice office and you are very fortunate to have such a set up. I am curious why a 24’ inch monitor instead of 27’. Does the bigger size affect the picture quality from the laptop?
Thank you for sharing your office and tech,

Where are the wall-to-wall bookcases?

Given you could put all those loud spinning synology drives anywhere, was curious why you’d opt to have them under the desk?

Great set up @katiefloyd, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing @MacSparky’s new office when it’s done.

And now I have the Dell soundbar and the fast charging stand in my Amazon cart… office set-up looks great! Reminds me how much I need to tidy up my cables.

Very nice! In New York where I live that kind of space is rare. In Virginia Beach(and no doubt elsewhere) where my sister lives they call such spaces FROGs (finished room over the garage).

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Wow, that’s stunning. I’m sure many of us here are envious. With an office that nice, who needs to go into the work office?

Very nice! I especially like the way the desk is built in right in front of the window.

Nice setup! I also love having the natural light in my office as well.