Katie Floyd's Home Office

By popular demand, here’s my home office setup. I have a “bonus room” above my garage which is mostly separate from the rest of my home. The desk is built in over a cubby that has a window that overlooks the front of the home. So I sit at my desk and look out over the neighborhood. This space was actually one of the selling points of the house. It is a large space (the size of a 2-car garage) that allows me to have a completely sperate home office space, but still be close to home.


On the Desk:
2016 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
Dell Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2415Q 24-Inch
Dell AC511 USB Wired SoundBar
ScanSnap ix500
RavPower Qi Charger
Rode Podcaster USB Mic with PSA1 Arm and Shock Mount
Logitech K750 Mac Keyboard
Logitech Performance MX Mouse
PaperPro Power20 Stapler

Under/In the Desk:
Synology DS916+
APC 600VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with USB Charging Port
Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS Drives (x4)
Anker USB 3.0 9-Port Hub + Charging Port
Segate Expansion 4TB Portable Hard Drive (Backup of Synology)
Segate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard Drive (Clone backup)
WeMo Smart Plug (connected to MacBook Pro to power off battery)
Ikea Signum Cable Management

In The Closet: (not pictured)
Eero Wi-Fi System (1 eero + 2 Beacons)
Synology RT2600 AC Router (Synology router with wi-fi off for routing, Eero connected in bridge mode)
Netgear CM500 Cable Modem
D-Link 16-Port Gigabit Switch (I have the rest of the house wired with various Ethernet drops that terminate here)
Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer, HL-L2350DW

Misc Cabling:
Cable Matters USB C to DisplayPort Cable
Cable Matters Type-C USB 3.1 Type B Cable (to connect USB Hub)
Etekcity Power Extension Cord Cable Outlet Saver
Wiremold Cord Mate II - cord cover to conceal Ethernet cords run along baseboard

Not Linked:
Desk Lamp - years old, from Pottery Barn
Wall Clock - years old, from Pottery Barn
Ladder Shelves - Pottery barn (set of 2 - second shelf not pictured)
Floating Shelves - Lowes
Laptop Riser - Years old originally from Griffin
Pen Organizer - Office Depot
Paint color is Weekend Getaway from Benjamin Moore



Looks home-y, yet professional! Nicely done! :grin:

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Wow! :+1:

That’s a very nice looking office setup @katiefloyd!

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One of the first setups here with a printer. Unfortunately I don’t have a convenient place to put my printer, apart from my desk. And it’s taking a lot of space for something I only use occasionally.
Nice clean home office by the way.

I have a bonus room as well that I use as an office. It’s similarly situated above our garage as well and it is pretty difficult to keep cool on days when the temperature gets above 80.

Do you have any issues keeping yours cool? We had an HVAC guy out that said it’s not uncommon for these rooms to have issues staying cool because of their proximity to the gable. He has recommended setting up a separate zone for the bonus room (which along with some duct work would run about $1700), but I’m somewhat unconvinced as to how effective it will work.

I have a separate zone setup for this room and it has it’s own Nest thermostat. It works well. I’m in Florida and the room can get warm. When I’m not home, I keep the eco temp set around 84. When I am home (evenings and weekend) I turn the temp down to 78 when I work in the office. Because the office is so small, it cools down very quickly. I also have two large overhead fans to keep air moving.

My home inspector recommended at the time I replace the HVAC unit to consider a separate indoor unit for the office because of it’s small size. That might be something to look into.


Nice setup!! I love the color and the room is so comfortable looking. I didn’t see the type of office chair you’re using?


Chair is nothing special - I think I bought it from Office Depot on clearance, couldn’t tell you what it is. It works, so I haven’t looked at upgrading.

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Very nice setup, Katie. Cozy, professional, ergonomic. I too have a window in front of my monitor but there’s glare from it. It faces South unfortunately. I wish I could move to a different spot in the room but that’s not possible.

What TV do you have?

Katie, it’s too neat. How do you get anything done without piles of papers, bills, etc.? :smile:

Seriously, that looks like a great place to write.

this is beautiful. thank you for sharing.

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As you have your Mac’s lid down, should we gather that you’re a one screen person, @katiefloyd? :slight_smile:

I tried the one display approach and found it to be such a waste of perfectly usable pixels!

No, I usually have the second display up, thus the riser. Depends on what I’m doing, if I’m done for the day, or cleaning up (for a photo) I will close it. :slight_smile:


The TV is nothing special, it’s a 42” Samsung plasma I bought in 2008 for the olympics. It was my main TV for many years and my first HD TV, but I’ve since upgraded twice so this TV had gotten relegated to the office. It just won’t die.


The desk is BEAUTIFUL! Did you have it built or was it there when you bought the house?

My LCD Sony TV (that I’m watching the Wimbledon men’s semifinal on right now) won’t die either. It’s from 2005. Those early TVs lasted forever.

Thanks for providing the links to the hardware. I really like how you always strike a balance between price and stuff that ‘plays nicely’ with the Mac. I will definitely be making a few purchases.

The office looks great too :wink:


That’s great! I looked at a house with one of those above-the-garage offices once, but the house was ‘too much’ for my partner at the time. It also had a hot tub in between the garage and the main house. What I wouldn’t give for that today. :wink:

If Apple comes out with a waterproof iPad you could make the hot tub your office. :grin:


Awesome setup! I am drawn to nice simple organized work spaces. It serves as inspiration.

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