Keep default Safari tabs

Is it possible to keep certain tabs locked in Safari, so that each time I launch it they open automatically?

Is this different than pinning tabs?


If you are using latest version, use tab group and they will stay open in all devices.


As @mina mentioned, Tab Groups are very useful for this. I include all of my daily forums in a group, everything stays in order. Just remember to close any newly created tabs, if you don’t want them to be a member of the grouping.


I already use tab groups to separate work from
Personal. What I’m looking for are those pinned tabs which I remember now but couldn’t really find when I looked earlier

Open the sidebar and you should be able to see a separate “group” above the tab groups. Tabs cannot be pinned (as far as I know) within tab groups.

For me, pinned tabs are in the Start Page group. (This depends on the setting in Safari preferences. I have set it to Start Page )

If you have two windows, the un-pinned tabs in this “group” would be different. But the pinned tabs are present in both (as seen below).

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That’s useful: that I’m not able to pin tabs if I’m in a Tab group. I don’t see the point of not being able to do that. But it explains why I couldn’t do it earlier :wink:

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After having zero problems with pinned tabs pinning tabs has gotten flaky for me the past week or so. Frequently when I reboot or just quite Safari some or all of my pinned tabs disappear or will appear as full open tabs that are not pinned. Anyone else have this issue?

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I switched to using tab groups on all three devices (Mac (for work and work tabs open), iPad (for personal) and iPhone (no default tab group) just for googling)

But I found an issue on Safari for the iPad. I have about 60 tabs in my Personal tab group which I use on my iPad most. But every time, I with some interval, open Safari on the iPad it defaults to the Start Page in Safari with no tabs open…

Is there a way to set the default to a Tab Group in Safari on iOS? I want my iPad to open the Personal tab group every time I launch Safari