Keep/save window position in macOS

Hi MPUers, how can I change the window position of an app, so every time I open it, it opens in the same place as it was earlier (or the way it was closed). Right now I open the app, move it to a different place and resize it, then quit it after using, but it still opens in the original size/place the next time. If possible I’d prefer to do it without an app, if not, feel free to share an app too!

Thanks :heart:

A Keyboard Maestro macro could easily handle this, but there’s a learning curve if you are not already familiar with the app. Highly recommend getting to know this app though.

Otherwise a window management utility like Moom might suffice. I use the Arrange Windows command that triggers when switching to 1 display or I can use a keyboard shortcut. There’s probably plenty of other apps of a similar nature out there that can do what you want but I am currently unaware of them and happy with my current setup.

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