Keep your stickers even when you change laptops...and create some art

Just discovered Great way for those who love their stickers but don’t want to bother removing them when they upgrade laptops. I love the idea of framing them. Good memories with some of those stickers.


damn - too late for me

On the other hand - it’s always an opportunity to start again


Hey :wave: Graham from LidLayer here, one of our customers mentioned that this is how they found out about us. So I thought I’d pop in and say hello! and of course answer any questions or queries folks may have.

The ‘About Us’ page covers this in more detail, but in short this was originally an idea of mine from many years ago, which got a little bit of traction & I tried to leverage a Kickstarter to turn the idea into a product. Unfortunately this didn’t quite pan out at the time, but I kept coming back to it every few months until I found the perfect material, colours, and most importantly a manufacturer to be able to turn this into a thing.

As with most products in their infancy, I’m desperate for feedback across the entire LidLayer ‘brand’, so I’d love to hear if you think the website does a rubbish job of explaining what it is, or if the packaging is a bit so-so, and of course the actual LidLayers themselves!