Keeping My Vision Pro

Hi All,

Like many who purchased the vision Pro, I’ve gone through the initial I love it to the inevitable “should I keep this”, as the return date approaches.

I’ve decided to keep it! A few simple reasons

  1. A device I can use for quick work, and it’s smudge free! The Watch and iPhone get fingerprints all over them. This is a smudge free environment :slight_smile:

  2. I mostly create teaching documents and read academic documents. With this device, I can walk up to my PDFs and interact with them life size - it’s amazing. It’s like they are projected onto a screen - I can mark them up, move around the document and the entire document is bigger than me !

  3. I can also practice my Keynote presentations and delivery

It’s hard to explain, but if you have a Vision Pro, try these things.


I just pictured myself exploring my genealogy program’s ‘virtual tree’ with VP and almost got a purchase justification! I also got eye rolls from the wife.

On a related note, I recently made the mental leap between VP and old-skool virtual desktop environments. It really is, in some ways, a much more advanced version of an old idea - spatial computing! This was one called Win3D:


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The ATP guys keep talking about things being the “beer drinking app” of Vision Pro. This is it! An app to put smudges all over your lovely, uncluttered, tastefully decorated apartment.


That’s a fun idea. First the AVP makes your place look like a total mess. Then you snap your fingers and it’s all cleaned up and looking pristine. If only that worked in real life…

I’ll add some more …. Although clearly along the same lines as my other reasons: Studying and Taking Notes. The attached picture is me using a Bird Program - studying and taking notes on birds is fantastic on this device … my hands are open for writing. I wish pass through was better… it’s hard to see the pad and pen as I am writing, but still decent.


How much storage space are you all using so far? What do you think of the 256GB base after real-world use?

I haven’t looked, but I haven’t downloaded much, and all the media I watch is streamed, so I imagine I am using very little space. Honestly, there isn’t many apps that look interesting to me, so it’s definitely more of a entertainment device for me.

It would be neat if you could screen share an iPad with a Pencil in some way so that you could take notes on your iPad as if it was a notebook.

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I suppose whatever the spell was from Harry Potter will be copyrighted. But surely the rights holders for that world have a veritable treasure chest of possible titles they could come up with!