Keeping Spotify Connect device "reachable and controllable"


Not sure if any of you is using physical Flic buttons (, I haven’t seen anybody mention them.

I have a bunch and, although integration is still a bit immature, I think they have great potential and are a brilliant idea (they have just launched HomeKit too).
Right now I use them mostly for Hue lights and Spotify. However, in order to start music by pushing the button (as opposed to controlling the device that is already playing it) the Spotify Connect device needs to be “reachable and controllable”. I do not seem to find more detailed explanations online, so my question is:

is there a way to wake a computer (in my example an ancient Mac mini running High Sierra) so that Spotify can be controlled? I would like to just come home, push the button, have the lights turn on with my pre-set scene and the music to start playing, without having to wake my computer or get my phone out of my pocket first. Is that feasible, without leaving the computer awake all of the time? If so I would turn the Mini into some sort of media/control center, with a few downloaded videos on it, Spotify etc. I also want to use Airfoil ( for multiroom streaming to various speakers (a combination of BT, Airport Express and Sonos), which would also be there. A little project for the Christmas holidays! :slight_smile: But all of that requires the computer to be awaken at the right time, how do I do that?

Thank you so much in advance.